Aaron Ward Arrest: What Did He Do? Case And Charges

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Aaron Ward

The Aaron Ward Assault Case was one of the most intense and chaotic moments in his life, sending shockwaves across his existence. The event sparked an extensive investigation and heated discussion. Ward was thrust into the public glare, subject to the scrutiny of the court system and the weight of public opinion.

Assault Charges Against Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward, a former NHL defenseman and TSN pundit, was arrested on October 9, 2015, in Cary, North Carolina. He was charged with interfering with emergency communications and assaulting a woman. Ward’s wife contacted 911 after an incident, accusing him of stealing her phone. He was imprisoned for 48 hours, as required by the domestic violence charges. However, the prosecution eventually dismissed the charges. Cary Police Department apprehended Ward at his apartment after receiving a call from Ward’s wife reporting the incident.

Aaron Ward

His wife was first charged with simple assault on him, but the allegation was subsequently dismissed, and she was not prosecuted. The event took place in Cary, near Raleigh, where Ward had played for the Hurricanes and helped them win the Stanley Cup in 2006. Following Ward’s arrest, TSN, the TV network where he worked, recognized the severity of the claims. He would no longer appear on television until further notice, they determined. Ward had a successful NHL career, winning the Stanley Cup three times before joining TSN in 2011. Prosecutors then opted to withdraw the charges against him, thereby ending the legal ramifications of the domestic altercation.

Charges Against Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward got himself in legal trouble after being arrested by Cary Police in North Carolina. He was charged with misdemeanor assault on a female and interfering with emergency communications. According to a magistrate’s verdict, Ward was accused of shoving his wife and stealing her phone during an incident. His role as an analyst on TSN Hockey was suspended as a result of the arrest’s consequences.

Ward’s charges, however, did not result in more legal action. According to a dismissal letter filed in Wake County, after evaluating the case and communicating with the victim, it was determined that prosecuting the charges was unnecessary. As a consequence, the Wake County District Attorney’s Office decided to withdraw the charges and seal the record in February 2016.

Aside from the legal issues, Ward was deeply affected by the experience. His marriage to his wife deteriorated after his incarceration, and they divorced in 2019. As a result, their relationship collapsed, revealing the long-term consequences of the events of 2015.

What Happened to Aaron Ward Afterward?

Aaron Ward’s life and career have entered a new phase. He works at SportsMEDIA Technology Corp (SMT), an analytics firm headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ward is involved in the sports industry via his involvement in media-related activities and his work with SMT. He resides in Raleigh and has made it his headquarters.

Aaron Ward

Ward’s personal life has also evolved. He just married Jake Slaker’s mother, Lori Slaker, a former University of Michigan hockey player. Ward has experienced the problems of divorce and stated the negative consequences it may have on children’s faith in their parents, which should be addressed. He understands that restoring that trust will take time and effort. Ward concedes that, despite the ups and downs, his condition has greatly improved. He conquered his gambling troubles and has perfected the capacity to make choices free of their influence in all aspects of life.

Ward played for the Detroit Red Wings, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, and Anaheim Ducks during his 13-year NHL career. He was the first player in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup three times, once with Carolina in 2006 and twice with Detroit in 1997 and 1998.

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