Afida Turner’s Husband: Does Afida Turner Have Kids? Net Worth & Family

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Afida Turne

Tina Turner’s death has left the world in a state of mourning and loss. The iconic performer, dubbed the “Queen of Rock’n’Roll,” died on May 24, 2023, at her home in Küsnacht, supposedly after a long illness. Following Tina’s untimely death, Afida paid homage to her mother-in-law on Instagram. Afida has a daughter-in-law connection with the late musician Tina Turner since Afida married Ronnie Turner in 2007.

Afida Turner, on the other hand, is a well-known French media personality and artist with a large fan following. Come With Me and Born an Angel, both from her studio album Paris-Hollywood were released in 2011. Turner has also appeared in a number of films as a cameo. She played the lead in the stage drama Requiem pour une Conne. In 2022, she published the song Étienne. The well-known celebrity is a songwriter, singer, and television personality who performs all over the globe.

Afida Turner’s Children and Family

There is no information about Afida Turner’s children on the internet, which has piqued netizens’ interest. While many people are looking for Tina Turner’s family information, others have switched their focus to Afida Turner’s children and family, since she is Tina’s daughter-in-law. In 2007, Afida married Tina’s son, Ronnie Turner, and they settled in Beverly Hills, California. Were they yet to become parents, since there is no information on Afida Turner’s children?

Afida Turne

People believe Afida Turner had children because she was married to Ronnie. However, there is no word on Turner’s pregnancy. In addition to his job as an actor and singer, Ronnie Turner was a real estate broker in Los Angeles, California. Ronnie Turner, like his parents, was musically skilled and had a talent for orchestrating music. He began singing and playing numerous instruments at a young age. Tina went away six months after losing her youngest son Ronnie Turner to colon cancer in December.

In terms of Afida Turner’s family, she was born on December 22, 1976, in Auchel, France, to her father and mother. Her mother was from Réunion, while her father was from Algeria. According to rumors, when the television star was two years old, her father murdered her mother. Turner lived with foster households until she was 16 years old. She later worked as a ready-to-wear salesman and even at the Buddha Bar in Paris.

Afida Turner’s Earnings And Net Worth

Afida Turner’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million by Sportsgrail. Afida is a prominent French singer and legend best known for her hit songs Born an Angel and Come With Me. Throughout the years, the singer has also released other albums, including Roc Attitude and Paris-Hollywood. Afida started her singing career in the 1990s, with the song “Crazy About You” being published in 1998. In 2002, the singer rose to prominence as Lesly in the second season of the reality series Loft Story.

Turner also signed with Sony Music and released her first album, Rock Attitude, as Lesly Mess in 2002. The media personality is also featured in films such as Shut Up and Shoot, The Sweep, and Single Black Female. Afida made her film debut in 2013 with Visions Interdites, and she also participated in Enguerrand Jouvin’s 2018 thriller Lumière Noire.

Afida Turne

In 2022, she appeared in Baptiste Souriau’s Requiem pour une conne, which opened in January and lasted for six months at Paris’ Théâtre Trévise. Turner also declared her candidacy for the President of France in the 2022 election on May 31, 2020. She campaigned on a platform that backed the Yellow Vests protests and denounced police violence. If elected, the singer would have become the country’s first female and African president. Turner did, however, announce her intention to withdraw her candidacy on January 11, 2021.

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