Aster Arcadia’s Face Reveal: What’s His Real Name? Age & Wiki

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Aster Arcadia

Archadians are on the lookout for Aster Arcadia Face Reveal. The famous YouTuber has yet to reveal his face on the internet, piqueing his admirers’ interest. Aster Arcadia is a sixth-wave NIJISANJI EN member known as “ILUNA.” Since July 25, 2022, the Englishman has been taking part in virtual YouTube videos. On July 6, 2022, Aster’s Twitter account and YouTube channel were opened. He gained 100,000 YouTube followers within 24 hours of his debut.

Since then, he has amassed a sizable fan following and has 333,000 followers on YouTube. He is still one of the most talked-about YouTubers, and his admirers continue to follow his every move in the hopes of catching a peek at the real person behind the cryptic persona. Auditions for the fourth wave of NIJISANJI EN were conducted in March 2022, and both male and female talents were welcome.

Aster Arcadia Face Reveal

Fans of the active VTuber are yet to see Aster Arcadia’s face reveal. If the name “VTubing” is unfamiliar to you, it stands for Virtual YouTubing. It refers to the technique of creating and interacting with virtual avatars or characters in order to amuse and communicate with the audience. With the rise of online bullies, it is gaining traction on sites such as YouTube, Twitch, and others. With increased audience demand, the day may soon come when we see the genuine face of the YouTuber.

Aster ArcadiaAster Arcadia Cosplay

His Twitch broadcasts are considered the link to the mysterious YouTuber. If he shows his face in the next days, we will certainly update the site. Lyric, he says, inspired him to start streaming. He was victorious in the post-championship brawl. Aster is a member of the “ILUNA” group, which debuted alongside Maria Marionette, Kyo Kaneko, Aia Amare, Scarle Yonaguni, and Ren Zotto.

Aster Arcadia Wiki

Aster’s fans are known as “Arcadians,” and he has a YouTube channel named “ASTEROID.” He has yet to disclose his true identity.

“Aster is heavenly that emerged from a Supernova long ago, and despite his hazy memories, he still harbors a tremendous desire to spread happiness,” the Arcadians say.

The sixth wave’s “ILUNA” debut was unveiled on July 20, 2022. The teaser showcased the Livers’ designs, voice, and the first song, written by MATZ. Aster’s pronouns are he/him. Even if it is not entirely accurate, he regularly stresses how healthy he and his followers are. Aster has participated in a number of events. He competed in the NIJISANJI EN Wrestling Tournament “Wrestle Sanji 2023” in January 2023. Arcadia is often seen interacting with his admirers in order to satisfy their curiosity. He responds to each of their questions.

Aster Arcadia

Aster Arcadia – How Old Is He?

Aster is in her mid-twenties. Every year on September 25th, he celebrates his birthday. The VTuber has yet to share anything about his personal life, including his exact birth date. On September 25, Aster released his first solo cover song, “ANIMA” by ReoNa. In March 2023, he revealed an upgrade to his model that incorporated new expressions to boost his content. The streamer has openly discussed his life with his followers, including his ups and downs.

He has also recounted a number of amusing situations, such as the time he donned a skirt and characterized the sensation as “windy.” Furthermore, in Japanese, he refers to himself as “Watashi.” He claims to have a whale as a pet, however, it is really a dog.

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