C Murder Wife Dione Miller: Wiki, Biography, Age, Present, Story, and Facts

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Dione Miller

C-Murder, also known as Corey Miller, was apprehended in 2002 after a jury found him guilty of life imprisonment by a vote of ten to two. Two critical witnesses have now withdrawn their statements, and it appears there will be a new investigation into the rapper’s innocence. Many individuals have pondered whether C Murder, Corey Miller’s alter persona, is still married to Dione Miller. Learn more about his dating status by continuing on. C Murder is the stage name of American rapper and songwriter Corey Miller. He is currently incarcerated for the homicide of Steve Thomas, age 16 years old.

According to his website, Miller is incarcerated at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Miller’s sibling was murdered while he and TRU were touring. He was sentenced for his involvement in the assassination of a female police officer.

Two witnesses against him at his trial have contradicted the allegations. Their evidence has received an abundance of negative feedback in response to the news. Miller has asked for retrials on behalf of himself and his extended family. Wiki, Bio, Age, Present, Story, and Facts Regarding C Murder Wife Dione Miller.

In 2022, is C Murder married to his wife Dione Miller?

Reports indicate that C-Murder and his companion Dione Miller are not yet married. According to sources, Miller has already ended her relationship with Dione and moved on. He has had two relationships to date. In the meantime, he remains celibate while serving his sentence for murder.

Due to the fact that he is incarcerated, there are few false developments regarding his relationship posted online. As a result of allegations that witnesses in his case misled, he is back in the news.

C Murder Children Alongside Dione Miller

Alexis Miller’s father, his only child, is a murderer. He brought his only child, Murder, with Monica. The former couple dated for an extended period of time. His daughter and ex-girlfriend, Monica, have defended him. She enlisted her close friend Kim Kardashian to investigate the matter further. Tuesday, the rapper’s attorney, Paul Barker, submitted a memorandum to the 24th Judicial District Court.

C MurderC Murder

C-Murder Cause of Divorce

C Murder and Dione Miller have never given an explanation for their divorce on the internet, despite the fact that they are already divorced. Meanwhile, he has maintained his silence regarding his new relationship. However, C Murder made headlines in the past when he reunited with his ex-partner Monica. Since then, they have both been dormant on the Internet.

C Murder Wife Dione Miller Facts

Are C Murder and Dione Miller married?

No, the couple has separated and they are not married.

When C Murder and Dione Miller divorced is unknown.

In 2020, the couple’s divorce was finalized.

Who is the new companion of C Murder?

C Murder has not revealed his new companion to the public.

What caused the divorce between C Murder and Dione Miller?

The couple has not disclosed a reason for their separation.

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