DaniLeigh’s Arrest: What Did She Do? Charges & Mugshot

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DaniLeigh, also known as Danielle Leigh Curie, a well-known singer, was recently arrested on allegations of driving under the influence on May 30, 2023. She was charged with three felonies: escaping the scene of a major accident, driving under the influence, and causing damage to property or person. DaniLeigh’s mugshot has also gone popular on social media.

She was arrested early in the morning after a hit-and-run incident in Miami Beach, Florida. The claimed victim sustained major back injuries while riding a moped. According to Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation, she was transported to jail at 8:16 a.m. and released at 11:45 a.m. on a $9,500 bail. So yet, the artist’s agents have declined to comment on the arrest.

DaniLeigh was driving a Mercedes-Benz when she collided with a motorbike.

According to People, DaniLeigh was arrested on Tuesday after being witnessed driving a Mercedes-Benz at excessive speeds, which then collided with a motorbike. According to a witness, the moped was being pulled behind the automobile, and spectators attempted to warn her, but the driver refused to stop. Officers were ultimately able to pull over the vehicle, but there was a strong stench of alcohol emanating from it, and they were able to uncover a tequila bottle. When the officers contacted Danielle, she denied striking anybody and said that the name on her license was Danielle Curiel. The vehicle was finally towed.

The 28-year-old was requested to take a field sobriety test and was detained after failing to meet the requirement. According to the results of the two breath tests she took, the first had a breath alcohol level of 0.145 and the second had a level of 0.148.

The rider of the moped sustained a kidney laceration and a spine fracture and was brought to a medical facility right afterward. According to the police affidavit, the moped was severely damaged, and the guy sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

In 2021, DaniLeigh was arrested on assault allegations.

DaniLeigh was arrested in November 2021 after cops responded to a domestic violence report from her father’s kid, DaBaby. Officers advised DaBaby to pursue the accusations on his own, but he phoned them the next day. However, this time the cops had enough evidence to arrest DaniLeigh, and she was charged with two counts of simple assault.


Danielle directed the music video for Prince’s song, Breakfast Can Wait. She then released two songs, Play and D.O.S.E., as well as her debut EP, Summer with Friends. Danielle went on to record additional music, including The Plan, My Present, Movie, and In My Feelings.

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