Everything You Need To Know About Yaser Malik (Father Of Zayn Malik)

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Yaser Malik

Yaser Malik is the proud father of Zayn Malik, a singer-songwriter. Zayn came to prominence as a member of the famous boy band 1D.

Quick Facts

Full Name Yaser Malik
First Name Yaser
Last Name Malik
Date of Birth September 10, 1969
Age 53 years
Profession Celebrity Father
Nationality British, Pakistani
Birth Country Pakistan
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Married
Spouse Tricia Brannan Malik
No Of Children 4

 Yaser Malik Marital Life

Yaser Malik is a British Pakistani who is married to Tricia Brannan Malik, a British woman. He married his wife, who converted to Islam after they married. Yaser is fortunate to have a wife like Tricia, who converted to Islam in order to understand his religion and culture. She also instilled in her children the importance of visiting the mosque. The couple has a total of four children. Zayn Malik, Doniya Malik, Waliyha Malik, and Safaa Malik are their names.

Yaser MalikYaser Malik (Source: Google)

Zayn gave his family a house as a gift.

Yaser Malik and his family had previously lived in a leased home. They never have enough money to buy a home to call their own. Zayn had a good understanding of his parents. He understood how essential it was for his family to have their own home. After achieving success in his profession, Zayn not only paid for himself but also helped his family financially. He bestowed to them a lovely home.

Tricia Worked as a Halal Chef.

Tricia formerly worked as a halal cook at an elementary school. Her job was to make lunches for the schoolchildren. After he began earning money, Zayn informed his mother she could quit her work.

Yaser and Zayn’s Relationship

The father and son are in close proximity to one another. Yaser has a plethora of photos of his lone kid on his Instagram account. Yaser shared a series of photos with Zayn on his 26th birthday last year. Both father and son seemed identical in the photograph. Both of them had the same eyes.

Yaser MalikYaser Malik (Source: Google)

Daughters of Yaser Malik

Doniya, his daughter, is a beauty blogger and make-up artist. Waliyha, his other daughter, is a model. Both sisters have started their own company, Waliyha Beauty. Yaser shared a photo of his children in front of Waliyha Beauty on April 15, 2017. He expressed his pride in his daughters. Safaa, his youngest daughter, is married to her lover. Safaa and her spouse have a daughter called Zaneyah. After just four months of marriage, they brought their first child into the world.

Zayn is a father as well as a son.

Zayn just became a father to a newborn daughter. He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, since 2016. He announced the birth of his daughter on Instagram on September 23, 2020. Zayn posted a lovely photo of his little kid clutching his finger. He told his family, friends, and admirers that their little angel was OK.

Waliyha’s Wedding in the News for a Variety of Reasons

On December 12, 2020, Waliyha married her boyfriend, Junaid Khan. In the presence of 40 guests, the ceremony was conducted in Safaa’s backyard. Due to COVID rules at the time, the wedding ceremony could only be attended by 15 individuals. Because there were more individuals than specified, the neighbors contacted the cops due to a violation of the COVID rules.

Yaser MalikYaser Malik (Source: Google)

Fines were imposed on the Malik family’s relatives. Another reason for the wedding is in the headlines was very unexpected. Waliyha’s father was unable to attend her wedding. The reason for this was his worry about his daughter’s marriage to an ex-convict serving a five-year sentence for carjacking.

Zayn in an Interview with Elle India

In an interview with Elle India, he stated that his favorite Bollywood film is “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham,” which he watched the most as a kid. He also said that his favorite Bollywood song is “Chaiyya Chaiyya.” Bollywood, he claims, has inspired his music. He attempts to combine Bollywood and Western music styles.

Net worth

Yaser’s children have a net worth of one million dollars. Zayn has an estimated net worth of $65 million as of June 2023, whereas Doniya has a net worth of $1 million. Both of his children earn a living via their separate professions. Doniya makes money through her Instagram account. Earnings per post are expected to range from $1920 to $3200.

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