George Santos Wiki: Who Are His Parents? Family And Net Worth Details

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George Santos

People are interested in George Santos’ parents when he confesses to forging a résumé. Politician George Santos sparked outrage after admitting in an interview to lying about a section of his CV that he used during his political campaign. He confessed to lying on his CV about his professional experience, interest in charity, property ownership, and education, but he claims he didn’t mean to commit a crime and that the charges would not prevent him from spending his two years in Congress.

“I am not a criminal; this [controversy] will not prevent me from having good legislative success,” he remarked. I will be efficient. I’ll be OK.”

Santos is a Republican politician from the United States. He was elected to represent New York’s third congressional district in 2022. We will inform our readers about Gorge Santos’s parents, siblings, family, and net worth in this page.

Who Is George Santos’s Father?

Santos states in a May 2022 interview that his ancestors “survived the Holocaust” as Ukrainian Jewish immigrants. To survive, his grandparents emigrated from Ukraine to Belgium and changed their names. His maternal grandfathers migrated to Brazil from Ukraine to escape Nazism, hence he identified as a Latino Jew and Half Jewish.

“I’m very proud of my Jewish heritage; I’m very proud of my grandparents’ story,” he remarked.

My grandpa escaped Ukraine, fearing Stalin’s persecution, and went to Belgium, where he found safety, married my grandmother, fled Hitler, and went to Brazil. Santos was born on On July 22, 1988. There is currently no information available regarding his parents. He is most known for his political career, and his personal life is kept private.

George Santos

George Santos’s siblings and family

Santos had many siblings, but we don’t know how many. Santos is an openly homosexual man who is married to a Pharmacist. The pair married during the 2022 election cycle, but no formal marriage record was discovered. Santos’ parents met when they immigrated from Brazil to the United States as young people. In the United States, they married and established a family.

Santos grew up in numerous locations in the north Queens area. He attended high school in Astoria and Sunnyside but required assistance to graduate owing to his family’s financial difficulties. He later attended Baruch College and NYU, where he majored in finance and economics.

George Santos

George Santos’s Net Worth

Despite his financial difficulties, Santos will participate in a million games by 2022. In 2023, his net worth is expected to be $11 million. In 2020, he declared a total net worth of $5000, with his $50,000 Harbor Hill Salary serving as his only source of income. During these two years, Santos amassed a fortune. He received an estimated $1-5 million in his bank account and a half-million to a million-dollar housing space in Rio. He claimed to sell a Long Island property he seldom used for roughly $10 million, but it was subsequently discovered that the residence, valued at $ 2 million, was held by someone with no link to Santos.

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