How Rich Is Pete Sampras? Net Worth, Lifestyle And Career Highlights

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Pete Sampras

Petros “Pete” Sampras, a former professional tennis player from the United States, with a net worth of $150 million. Sampras was the only guy to win the last Grand Slam event in which he played during the Open Era. Pete has won 14 Grand Slam singles championships in total. He was nicknamed “Pistol Pete” because of his right-handed playing technique, which included a single-handed backhand for his strong serve. In 2007, he was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame for his great accomplishment. Sampras announced his retirement after defeating longtime adversary Andre Agassi in the Open Era final at the 2002 US Open.

Pete Sampras Net Worth

Pete Sampras, a former American tennis player, has a net worth of $150 million. His tennis career extended for several years, and he has gone on to become one of the most successful players in history. Sampras has 64 singles championships and two doubles win to his record. He was awarded ATP Player of the Year for five years, from 1993 to 1998, as a result of his accomplishments. During his career, Sampras earned $43 million, which is almost $75 million. He made roughly $100 million through sponsorships and social appearances.

Pete Sampras Lifestyle

Pete Sampras, a well-known former tennis player, and his family live in Lake Sherwood, California, in the United States. It is valued at $25 million and has amenities such as a tennis court and a 200-square-foot gym. The property also has a swimming pool that overlooks the lovely mountains. The property includes stone and wood floors throughout and a spacious guest house space.

Pete Sampras

From the home, one can easily observe a 360-degree panorama of the lovely landscape. Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson Sampras have sold their Brentwood house for $7.25 million, which they purchased in 2009 for $5.9 million. In 6,900 square feet of living area, the home is conventional, with lavish amenities such as a library, movie room, and wine cellar. There are upper and lower master suites, six bedrooms, and 6.5 bathrooms in all.

Pete Sampras Charity Works

Sampras sponsored the “Pete Sampras Classic” in March 2000 as a board member of the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation. Tim, Sampras’s prior coach, died in 1996 as a result of brain cancer. As a result, his family formed a charity to help patients and their families cope with the sickness. The “Pete Sampras Classic” event drew around thirty Hollywood, sports, and media luminaries and raised more than US$ 90,000 for the organization.

Pete founded Aces for Charity in 1997. For this, he would contribute $100 for each ace he served. Similarly, in 1999, he quadrupled the sum. He was able to gather almost US$ 1 million in three years thanks to his contribution and the help of several sponsors. Similarly, in 2002, the Sampras’s spouses collaborated with other celebrities in a Ford Motors marketing campaign to raise breast cancer awareness. Participants in the awareness initiative received a limited edition red scarf from Kate Spade. The revenues from the scarf sales go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pete Sampras’s Professional Career

Sampras was born on August 12, 1971, in Washington, DC, to Soterios and Georgia Sampras. Pete Sampras was ready to become a pro at the age of 16, and within a year, he had risen from 893 to 97 in the global rankings. He beat numerous top-ranked tennis players in the same year. Sampras won his maiden Grand Slam singles title in the French Open, then his first major title at the US Open, defeating Andre Agassi to become the youngest singles champion.

Pete Sampras

Following the Davis Cup triumph, Pete Sampras won his first career tiles in the Tennis Masters Cup in 1991. Following his ascension to the top rank, he won his first Wimbledon championship and the US Open. In 1994 and 1997, he won the Australian Open and Wimbledon again. In 1998, he won his second Wimbledon championship. Although Sampras lost his championship to Andre Agassi in 1998, he returned to the top place in 2000 but was defeated by Agassi again at the Australian Open.

Sampra’s career started to wane in 2001, with no championships won. For the first time in his 12-year career, he had not won anything. As a result, he was ranked tenth in the world. As a result, he resigned from tennis after overcoming his former opponent, Andre Agassi, and capturing his last US Open championship in 2002.

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