Jesse Beyer New Job: Why Did He Left Global Weather? Salary

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Jesse Beyer

Find out what Jesse Beyer is doing now that he has left global weather. Keep up to speed on his new work and income. Beyer is a well-known meteorologist who formerly worked for Global News in Edmonton, Alberta as the Chief Meteorologist. He has forecasted on 630CHED and Global News Radio 880 Edmonton. Jesse has been acknowledged for his meteorological skills and achievements.

Where did Jesse Beyer Go After He Left Global Weather?

Jesse Beyer, Global News Edmonton’s lead meteorologist for the last eight years, has announced his resignation from the network. While this may come as a surprise to many followers, Beyer has said that he would not be quitting the television field totally. Instead, he is starting a new professional initiative inside Corus Entertainment, Global News’ parent firm. Despite the fact that his position in sales and income at Corus Entertainment has yet to be disclosed, Beyer expressed his appreciation to the fans who have accepted him into their homes over the years.

He appreciated the importance of his everyday appearance on their screens and vowed to share more information on his job move in the coming days. During his time as chief meteorologist, Beyer was in charge of providing detailed weather predictions on a variety of Global News programs, including Global News at Noon, Global News at 5, and Global News Hour at 6.

Jesse Beyer

His knowledge and views have been invaluable in keeping the community up to date on local, regional, and national weather trends. Beyer also contributed to radio predictions on 630CHED and Global News Radio 880 Edmonton in addition to his television appearances. He has played an important role in keeping people aware of weather conditions and their possible influence on their everyday life via these venues.

Beyer’s resignation as the face of Global News Edmonton’s weather team signals the end of an era for viewers who have become used to his informed and interesting broadcasts. His shift to a new career at Corus Entertainment, on the other hand, presents an intriguing chance for growth and professional development. It remains to be seen how his meteorological knowledge and skills will mesh with his new sales and revenue duties, but his contributions to the broadcasting business will undoubtedly continue to have an influence.

Jesse Beyer’s New Job And Salary

While the actual compensation of Beyer’s new position with Corus Entertainment has not been made public, it is worth mentioning that he allegedly earned over $200,000 per year as a chief meteorologist with Global News, according to several sources. given his experience and ability in the sector, his new position may come with greater compensation.

Jesse Beyer

Beyer’s income sources may change when he transitions to a sales and revenue job inside Corus Entertainment. While the terms of his new position have yet to be published, it is realistic to expect his wages to exceed his old income. Incentives and commission schemes that lead to better total pay are common in sales and revenue jobs. Furthermore, Corus Entertainment, Global News’ parent business, proposes possible chances for development and progression inside the corporation. It remains to be seen how Beyer’s income will be influenced by this career change until formal information about his new work remuneration is released.

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