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Juan Merchan

Juan Merchan is an acting justice of the New York County Supreme Court. He has held the role since April 2009. He was in charge of a tax evasion investigation involving Donald Trump’s company. Judge Merchan presided over the trial of Allen Weisselberg, a former Trump Organization CFO. The native of Columbia has 16 years of expertise on the bench.

Furthermore, Justice Juan M. Merchan was a former auditor for a real estate development firm more than a decade ago. Here’s all you need to know about the judge, including his age, family, education, and history.

Juan Merchan Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Judge Donald Trump?

Judge Juan M. Merchan was born in the Colombian city of Bogota in 1962. As a result, he will be 61 years old in 2023. Donald J. Trump’s family real estate business’s criminal tax fraud case is based on innumerable spreadsheets and tax documents loaded with indecipherable data. The majority of people there were unaware that one person was unusually well-equipped to absorb those boring data. During his early career, the acting judge of the State Supreme Court worked as an internal auditor for a modest real estate development business.

He has been a judge for nearly a decade and has presided over only significant criminal prosecutions involving the former US president. His decision is said to have influenced the jury’s guilty judgment in Trump’s tax fraud case. The major point in the case was whether the defendant, the Trump Organization, was participating in a scheme to provide executives with amenities such as leased Mercedes-Benzes and residences while evading paying taxes on those benefits.

Juan Merchan

Mr. Trump and his followers were enraged by the episode. It might have permanently ruined the groups and hampered the presidential campaign in 2024. Throughout the five-week trial, however, the gray-haired Justice Merchan maintained order. It was something that was occasionally lacking in state court, where criminal law might be applied roughshod.

Justice Juan Merchan’s Family History

According to The New York Times, Juan Merchan, who was born in Bogota, Colombia, is a first-generation immigrant. When he was six years old, he and his parents relocated to the United States. People familiar with the judge’s background said that he grew up impoverished in Jackson Heights, Queens. Juan Merchan’s father was a Colombian military colonel. His father was also a member of Colombia’s intelligence agency. The judge’s father worked as a dishwasher at the historic Americana Hotel in Manhattan after relocating there. Similarly, Juan Merchant’s mother worked in a variety of industries in New York, including toy and zipper companies, as well as packing food for aircraft meals.

Juan Merchan Siblings

The judge is the youngest of his parent’s six children. However, he is the first in his family to attend college. Merchan started working at the age of nine. For tips, he carried groceries. During high school, he cleaned dishes at a café and delivered kosher meat. Similarly, throughout his undergraduate years, he worked as a night manager at a motel. Merchan attended Baruch College and studied business, namely marketing management.

Juan Merchan

He dropped out of college to work for the United Nations Development Corporation as an internal auditor. However, he returned to finish his degree some years later. In 1994, he received his legal degree (Juris Doctor) from Hofstra University School of legal. His legal profession started immediately after he graduated. Juan Merchan has since served in the New York County District Attorney’s and Attorney General’s offices. Merchan was appointed as a Family Court judge in August 2006. He has been an active judge on the New York County Supreme Court since 2009. The judge is no stranger to complex financial matters.

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