Kelly Wilkinson’s Family: How Many Kids Does She Have? Meet Her Husband Brian Earl Johnston

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Kelly Wilkinson

Kelly Wilkinson’s children have found hope and a new home two years after their mother died. Observe their path to a better future. Kelly Wilkinson was a mother from the Gold Coast who unfortunately died in April 2021. Brian Earl Johnston, her estranged husband, reportedly killed her by dousing her in gasoline and lighting her on fire in the backyard of their Arundel house. Kelly’s three young children, ages two to nine, were present at the time of the occurrence.

Meet Kelly Wilkinson’s Three Children

Kelly Wilkinson’s three children, ages two to nine, endured unspeakable sorrow when their mother was brutally murdered in April 2021. Following Kelly’s death, her sister Danielle Carroll and her husband, Rhys, took immediate care of the children. Danielle and Rhys, together with their five children, welcomed Kelly’s children into their household, creating an extended family of 10. Despite the difficulties of living in a packed four-bedroom house, the couple lavished love on the children and created a secure and nurturing atmosphere.

Kelly Wilkinson

Recognizing the Carroll family’s and Kelly’s children’s plight, businesswoman Tamika Smith came forward with a selfless gesture of compassion. Tamika Carroll, the creator of My Bella Casa and Top 100 Women, and a Carroll family member, created the “I Stand With Kelly” campaign. She hoped to mobilize the community to help the Wilkinson children in their time of need. An unknown donor graciously donated the much-needed land, and the famous building business Metricon generously donated a complete home.

Despite the building industry’s troubles at the time, the determined team of builders and volunteers worked hard for almost two years to make the dream of a new house a reality. The completely furnished seven-bedroom mansion on the outskirts of the Gold Coast was finally built after much hard work and commitment. On a joyful Tuesday night, the family debuted their new home. The youngsters, who had spent the previous year seeing the house’s development from a bare slab of concrete, were overjoyed.

Kelly Wilkinson’s Spouse Brian Earl Johnston is an American author.

Kelly Wilkinson’s spouse was Brian Earl Johnston. Sadly, he is accused of committing a heinous act of domestic abuse that ended in Kelly’s murder. Kelly’s life was cut short in April 2021 when she was discovered dead in a shocking way at her Gold Coast home. Brian reportedly doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire in the backyard, according to reports.

Kelly Wilkinson

Brian was discovered nearby with serious burns to his hands and airway after the event, and he was charged with Kelly’s murder. Kelly’s three children were there at the time of the alleged incident. They observed the heinous act and suffered tremendous anguish as a consequence. Brian Earl Johnston has been charged with Wilkinson’s murder and is now being held in detention awaiting trial. The case brought enormous attention to the subject of domestic abuse in Australia, emphasizing the need for better assistance and services for victims.

After the tragedy, the community’s efforts to create a new house for Kelly’s children and their extended family have given them a fresh start and hope for a better future. As the inquiry and legal processes progressed, the community came together to support Kelly’s children.

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