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Kimberley Anne Scott

Kimberly Anne Scott is a native of the United States. She is the ex-wife of musician and actor Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known professionally as Eminem.

Quick Facts

Real Name Kimberley Anne Scott
Nick Name Kimberley
Date Of Birth January 09, 1975
Age 48 years old
Birthplace Warren, Michigan
Nationality American
Profession Celebrity Ex-Wife
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 58 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Light Brown
Net Worth $3 million

Kimberley Anne Scott’s Age & Early Life

Kimberley Anne Scott was born in Warren, Michigan on January 9, 1975. Their parents were used to binge drinking. Kimberly was a senior at Lincoln High School. When she first saw Eminem rapping while standing naked at a table at a mutual friend’s party. They fell in love, and she and her sister quickly departed their home. Debbie Mathers-Briggs, Eminem’s mother, hosted both sisters at her home. Her origins and academic credentials are not revealed.

Kimberley Anne Scott Height & Weight

Kimberley Anne Scott’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, however, she weighs 58 kg. Her eyes are light brown, and her hair is brown.

Kimberley Anne Scott

Kimberley Anne Scott’s Net Worth

How much is Kimberley Anne Scott’s net worth? She was able to get reasonable alimony from her affluent spouse, and her net worth is expected to be approximately $3 million according to 2023 estimates.


Kimberly was unemployed and had no formal profession. She was the ex-wife of Eminem, the famed rapper. She had left her husband’s home and life just when he needed her the most. Scott was in charge of keeping Eminem’s kid away from him and had divorced her husband. The court processes were a shambles, and Eminem was severely saddened by the separation of his wife and kid from him.

Kimberley Anne Scott Husband & Marriage

Who is Kimberley Anne Scott’s husband? Kimberley Anne Scott had a difficult upbringing. She and her twin sister, Dawn, fled their home and parents and began living with her high school lover Eminem’s family. Kimberly and Eminem began a romantic relationship. Eminem began working at Gilbert’s Lodge, and Kimberly began living with him. Kimberly gave birth to two children in 1993 and 1995: Alaina Marie Mathers and Hailie Jade. The added duties quickly strained their relationship, and Kimberly moved out with Hailie.

Eminem was bereaved, and the pain of being separated from his child was reflected in his song lyrics. Kimberly and Eminem made the decision to marry for the sake of their daughter. In 1999, the knot was tied. However, marital issues soon arose, and they separated in 2001. Hailie’s care was shared by her parents. Eminem discovered Kimberly kissing a nightclub bouncer, John Guerrera, in 2000. Kimberly then married a guy named Eric Hartter and had a daughter named Whitney with him in 2002. Eric Hartter is a fugitive from justice.

As a result, when Kimberly reconnected with Eminem, he assumed care for this kid. Eminem remarried Kimberly on January 14, 2006. However, by February 2006, Eminem had left her again, and they filed for divorce for the second time, which was completed in December 2006. Dawn, Kimberly’s twin sister, was extremely close to her. Both sisters had been addicted to drugs, and although Kimberly managed to stay afloat, Dawn’s life was devastated by her addiction, and she died in January 2016.

Eminem adopted Dawn’s daughter Alaine. Kimberly was devastated by the loss of her twin sister. Though Kimberly was unable to become a great wife, she attempted to be a perfect mother to Hailie and is there for her daughter’s key academic and life achievements. Kimberly is also claimed to have a son called Parker Scott. However, the father’s name remains unknown.

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