Mercy May: Meet John Darwin’s New Wife

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Mercy May

Mercy May is the new wife of John Darwin, who gained notoriety by simulating death in a canoe accident. A peculiar true story captivated the nation. After deciding to fake his demise, he accrued £700,000 in debt and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

John hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Anne through her ex-husband after discovering he was terminally ailing with cancer. He instructed the PI to investigate Anne’s ex-husband and gather evidence to support his claim that he needed insurance money to start a new life in Panama. After five years in Panama, they resolved to return to the United States.

When he realized he could no longer reside or work in London without being identified by British authorities, he decided to feign amnesia and report to the police station. Two people were arrested and sentenced to six years in prison for fraud after it became apparent that they could not reside or work there without being recognized. A new ITV drama, “The Thief, His Wife, and the Canoe,” is now recounting their story. Who Is Mercy May, John Darwin’s New Wife?

Mercy May: Know About John Darwin’s New Wife

Mercy May is John Darwin’s new wife, and they presently reside in the Philippines. She operates a successful enterprise that includes the rental of garment stands in Manila.

The Mirror reports that the couple moved last year from Manila’s congested metropolitan area to a residence 30 minutes away. Anne was liberated two months after John in February 2011, while John was released in January 2011. Anne chose to divorce John prior to his release from prison, which occurred two months after his incarceration.

Mercy MayMercy May

Mercy’s Age And Wikipedia

Mercy May has reached age 47. John, on the other hand, is 71 years old and remains healthy. The early life and family history of Mercy are presently unknown. According to wikiHow, she has operated a business in Manila for many years. It is said that she is a compassionate and nurturing individual who is always willing to assist those in need.

John Darwin And Mercy May Relationship

According to The Sun, the couple met when Mercy was working as a housekeeper in one of the hotels where Darwin stayed during his trips to the Philippines. They began dating shortly thereafter and married in 2019.

John told The Mirror that he was “the happiest man alive” and that Mercy had saved him during an interview. In addition, he mentioned that they planned to start a family shortly.

What Happen To Anne Darwin?

Anne Darwin is the former spouse of John and the mother of his two sons. She currently resides in the United Kingdom with her new companion. Anne has stated that she has forgiven John for his actions, and the two are currently on excellent terms. Despite everything, she continues to adore him and wishes him the best.

Mercy May Children

According to a number of press sources, Mercy May has three children. We do not know whether she had children with her current husband, John Darwin.

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