Phillip Schofield Arrest: What Did He Do? ‘This Morning’ Co-host Charges And Net Worth

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Phillip Schofield

This is a commonly requested question by admirers of Phillip Schofield, an English television presenter for ITV. He was allegedly arrested, according to speculations. He co-hosts ITV’s This Morning (from 2002) and Dancing on Ice (from 2006 to the present, alongside Holly Willoughby).

Schofield initially gained national notice while working for the BBC as a continuity presenter for Children’s BBC on weekdays from 1985 to 1987. His other television credits include Going Live!, All-Star Mr. & Mrs., The Cube, Text Santa, and 5 Gold Rings. He came on This Morning as part of a 24-hour live television marathon he undertook in December 2014 to raise funds for Text Santa. Schofield also appeared on other programs throughout the day, including Loose Women as a guest panelist.

He presented two seasons of the primetime game show You’re Back in the Room for ITV in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, he traveled to South Africa with his wife to record a series of brief videos for This Morning. Following that, three 30-minute episodes of Schofield’s South African Adventure aired during primetime on ITV. Since March 2017, he has been hosting 5 Gold Rings, a brand-new game show concept for ITV. Schofield put the latest must-have holiday presents to the test in 2017 for his three-part factual series, How To Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield.

What Did Phillip Schofield Do? Arrested & Charged

At the time of writing, no news or official confirmation of the host’s arrest or sickness had been made public. Nonetheless, some reports of Phillip’s arrest have circulated, but no official news outlets or other credible sources have verified the reality. Phillip’s brother was arrested in the past, and they appear quite similar, so many may have assumed Phillip was the one jailed.

Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield’s brother was arrested on child abuse allegations, according to multiple sources, but officials hid his identity owing to his high-profile relative. As a result, the question, What Happened To Phillip Schofield This Morning? gets answered. Nothing bad has occurred to him, and he is in good health.

Phillip Schofield’s Net Worth

Phillip seems to be a bit discreet about personal details, such as his net worth, since the broadcaster has not divulged his true net worth to his viewers. Phillip’s net worth is expected to be more than $12 million as of 2023, according to several sources. Nonetheless, the host has yet to confirm this information.

Phillip Schofield

He is said to get the same as his co-host Holly Willoughby for presenting This Morning: £600,000. This is also true, in addition to Dancing On Ice receiving £45,000 every show. Phillip may generate money via TV advertisements in addition to his wine business. He isn’t seen with flashy automobiles, designer clothing, or other luxuries since the presenter is quite down-to-earth and hasn’t released a single image flaunting his money. Phillip uses the handle @schofe and had over 2.9 million followers while authoring this post. He also has 1111 posts and seems to be quite active there as he maintains his profile.

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