Reggie Miller Wife: How Many Children Does He Have? Relationship & Wiki

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Reggie Miller

After divorcing his first wife, Reggie Miller formed a lovely family with his second wife. Reggie Miller, the legendary Indiana Pacers player, features in the latest Untold sports documentary on Netflix. The first episode goes into great depth on the historic Malice At The Palace, which included players like Ron Artest, Ben Wallace, and Stephen Jackson.

Marita Stavrou, a well-known American actress and media personality who rose to prominence in the 1990s with blockbuster entertainment series such as “Strictly Business” and “Family Matters,” is best known as the ex-wife of Reggie Miller, a well-known American former professional basketball player. The pair were married between 1992 and 2001. Throughout the documentary program, fans begged for more information about Reggie Miller and his family.

Who Is Reggie Miller’s New Wife, Laura Laskowski?

Reggie Miller is married to Laura Laskowski after divorcing his first wife, Marita. Miller was able to put his divorce behind him and begin a new life with Laura Laskowski. Reggie Miller met Laura Laskowski shortly after his first marriage ended in divorce. As of December 2022, they have been together for 19 years. Little is known about Laura’s personal and professional life. She avoided the limelight and delegated media control to her spouse.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller’s Children: How Many Does He Have?

Laura Laskowski and Reggie Miller have three children. Ryker, Laura, and Ryker’s first child were male. On August 29, 2013, he was born. Laskowski and Miller’s elder daughter, Lennox, was born on May 25, 2016, and a second daughter was born in January 2021. The parents first kept the son’s identity and face hidden. His face first appeared in a snapshot Laura posted in July 2015. She also disclosed his identity in December 2016.

Reggie’s kid, Ryker, looks to be having a good time growing up with his brothers. Reggie Miller is expecting his second child in January 2021. The couple announced the birth of their daughter just two weeks later. Reggie and Laura have yet to reveal the names of their third kid, as well as the names of their two elder children. Miller’s children look to be doing well, maturing, and having a good time, based on their Instagram pictures.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller’s Children Enjoy Sports

Miller’s children are raised in a home where many individuals are active in sports. As a result of being directly exposed to the world of sports, the children must have developed an interest in sports in general, considering that their father is a basketball player. Reggie’s kid, Ryker, is a young aspiring basketball player who looks to be doing well for his age. In November 2021, he won the “Chip” for the 8-year-old class. He even made the All-Star team, was named MVP, and received additional honors. Ryker began playing basketball with his father when he was two years old.

Ryker participates in a variety of sports, including football and tennis. Reggie Miller’s daughter, Lennox, is a sports fan who likes playing soccer.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller’s Marita Stavrou Relationship Timeline

Miller’s first wife was actress Marita Stavrou. Magic Johnson, the legendary Los Angeles Lakers star, introduced the former lovers, who married in 1992. They did, however, divorce on April 2, 2001, eight years later. Miller filed for divorce in August 2000, just days before signing a $36 million deal with the Indiana Pacers. Their divorce was bitter, and it was well publicized. It was typically chaotic, with blatant disagreements over money.

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