“Revealed” Season 1 Is Set To Premiere On HGTV

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Revealed, a brand-new home remodeling series from HGTV, will put a unique twist on all of the network’s current restoration programs. It is scheduled to debut on Thursday, June 29, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET. The new series will follow Veronica Valencia Hughes, a creative designer, and mother of two who will make every family’s dream come true with her mind-blowing restoration talents.

Veronica will go further into each client’s family history to understand their social and cultural impact, which will allow her to create for the family. Viewers will be captivated not just by the magnificent house improvements but also by a glimpse into each customer and their family history. The one-of-a-kind renovation series will include the host learning about each family’s unique culture and history and incorporating multiple parts of it into her design and refurbishment of various sections of the property. Throughout the season, viewers can expect to see many dramatic and wonderful moments.

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Revealed on HGTV features house renovations motivated by family history.

Veronica Valencia Hughes, the presenter of the upcoming HGTV home restoration series, will draw design inspiration from her clients’ family history, including ancestral heritage, artifacts, and many anecdotes from the past. Taking everything in, she will recreate it in the shape of many designs in and around the home, providing her clients and customers with an experience that will allow them to treasure their past. Revealed’s official summary is as follows:

“Veronica will delve deep to uncover each family’s unique history and infuse the spaces in their home with techniques, materials, and heirlooms that reflect the culture of the family.” The ultimate product will be magnificent, individualized, and useful designs with heart and purpose.”

Revealed Season 1

However, the host will not be traveling alone. She’ll be assisted by her experienced design team, which includes Tommy Rouse, master builder David Bohler, and creative artist Joshua Smith. Veronica and her crew will connect with their customers in each episode to obtain a better sense of what they need for a successful house remodel.

The Revealed presenter and her crew will not only ask questions about the kind of house restoration, but they will also identify their client’s cultural identity as well as their family’s social and cultural past. They will enlist the assistance of a genealogist, who will provide them with information on the family’s historical heritage. According to HGTV, the team will “transform the home, creating beautiful and modern spaces that honor the families’ cultural heritage.”

Veronica and her team will also integrate the family’s prized possessions into artworks, artifacts, and other home design elements. When asked about the creation of Revealed, the presenter informed the network:

“As a Mexican and Native American designer, culture and tradition have always been important to me.” In over 500 house renovations, I’ve been motivated to convey a family’s narrative via design, and I think that uncovering our origins may significantly affect every area of our life.”


The network has also offered viewers a sneak peek at what the first episode of the reality program will include. Veronica will be shown meeting the Billups, who want a house that honors their heritage and origins. According to HGTV, the host discovers the family’s West African ancestry and “pays tribute by creating a sculpture inspired by the ancient Benin Bronzes.”

Season 1 of Revealed will see the presenter and her amazing staff make every attempt to provide the finest outcomes possible for each of their customers. The program promises to expose viewers to other cultures and historical backgrounds, as well as stunning house restorations. Don’t forget to watch the season debut on HGTV on Thursday, June 29, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET.

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