Sam Neill Stated That He Didn’t Want To Leave The “Peaky Blinders”

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Sam Neill

Peaky Blinders’ last season premiered on Netflix on June 10, 2022. For six seasons, audiences followed the Irish gang known as the Peaky Blinders, commanded by Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), as they made their way through Birmingham’s underbelly.

In the first two seasons, they were introduced to Inspector Chester Campbell, portrayed by Sam Neill, as the show’s major nemesis. Winston Churchill sent Campbell to deal with a stolen weaponry shipment from the Birmingham Small Arms Company facility. While completing his assignment successfully, he acquired a personal grudge against Shelby and his team. He intended to assassinate Shelby, but he was killed by Shelby’s aunt, Polly, portrayed by Helen McCrory, before he could do so.

Sam Neill on Being killed in “Peaky Blinders”

Neill was killed off in the series, but the show’s creator, Steven Knight, claimed that the performer didn’t want to depart. During the season five premiere, the creator discussed the moment he told the actor about his ambitions for Campbell. Despite Neill’s talent, he thought his character’s plot had reached its conclusion.

Sam Neill

“He was in New Zealand, and I realized I couldn’t simply email him the script, so I called him.” So I called him up and told him, ‘Sam, this character has been wonderful, he’s been brilliant.’ “And he responded, ‘I don’t want to die,’” the inventor said.

He went on to say that he told Neill, “like a coward,” that he would ponder Campbell’s killing. Despite what he told the actor, Knight knew Campbell had to die, but he warned him about it out of respect for Neill. After a week, the writer phoned Neill again and informed him it was a done deal, and the actor said, “wonderful, terrific.”

Sam Neill Said That He Was Unable To Attend The Show

Many fans predicted that the actor would make an unexpected comeback after his character was killed off at Epsom Racecourse in season two. Neill discussed the hypotheses and his experience on the show during an interview with

“I like Peaky Blinders and believe Steve [Knight’s] writing is excellent.” “I’m a huge fan of Cillian, Helen, and Paul Anderson [Arthur Shelby], and it’s always great to have them again because I’ve missed them,” the actor remarked.

Sam Neill

He then discussed his time on Peaky Blinders, noting that despite shooting in “some really grim places of the globe,” he had a good time and learned a lot. Neill’s role was villainous, but he enjoyed portraying it. Although he did not explicitly answer the ideas, many fans interpreted his response to suggest that he would return to the program.
Unfortunately, Neill never made his much-anticipated comeback, and the series ended abruptly. Shelby and his Birmingham team, though, are not out of the woods yet. They will make their penultimate and final appearance in a film, which Knight has announced would be released in 2021.

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