Shameer Goolabjith Arrest: What Did He Do? Fraud Case And Charges

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Shameer Goolabjith

Shameer Goolabjith, a Durban lawyer, was arrested and sentenced to five years in jail. Is he still in jail? Let us find out why he is imprisoned. Shameer Goolabjith is a Durban lawyer who has received public attention for fraud. According to authorities, the Durban Regional Court sentenced him to five years in prison.

According to the court, Goolabjith was sentenced to three years in prison, with two years suspended for five years. Goolabjith is the proprietor of Shameer Goolabjith & Associates in Westcliff, where he formerly worked. His alleged scam occurred in July 2015. On July 7, 2016, he was arrested after the year.

Shameer Goolabjith Has Been Arrested In Connection With A Fraud Case

In the present situation, Shameer Goolabjith is a media sensation. The Durban Regional Court condemned Goolabjith to five years in jail. As previously stated, the Durban attorney created a lawsuit supposedly on behalf of a complainant, suing the Minister of Police in 2015. He did this without the complainant’s permission. According to the most recent information, he was released on R10,000 bond awaiting his guilty plea and punishment. In his testimony, he discussed his four-year trial without violating his bail restrictions. Similarly, Goolabjith admitted that he had been an attorney for over fifteen years. Furthermore, Goolabjith represented Adam Frank, Rita Frank, and Ryson Frank.

Shameer Goolabjith

Is Shameer Goolabjith Arrested?

Shameer Goolabjith, a Durban-based attorney, has been granted bail from prison. Despite earlier rumors to the contrary, he was freed on aia R10,000 bond at the Durban Regional Court while appealing his recent conviction and sentencing. This revelation gives the high-profile lawyer a ray of hope as he fights for his release.

Goolabjith was sentenced to 5 years in prison last week for fabricating a claim and suing the Minister of Police for R100,000. The alleged scam occurred in July 2015, and the public has been waiting for the result of this compelling tale since then. According to Idol Co Za, he was arrested on July 7, 2016, but was freed the same day on R1 500 bond. According to Natasha Kara, NPA provincial spokeswoman, Shameer Goolabjith’s sentence was partly suspended for two years, leaving him to serve an effective three years in prison.

On Monday, he filed a fresh petition with the judge president. In a formal declaration, Goolabjith asserted his innocence, stating that he never violated his bail terms throughout the four-year trial. Similarly, he denied ever meeting the plaintiff. Shaneel Goolabjith, Goolabjith’s brother and paralegal, got instructions from the complainant’s husband, according to Goolabjith. Goolabjith was granted bail by Magistrate Jacobs. As part of his bail terms, Goolabjith must return to the police station every Monday, produce travel documents, and refrain from influencing witnesses. If his appeal is refused seven days later, Goolabjith will be imprisoned.

Shameer Goolabjith

Shammer Goolabjith is a Durban-based attorney.

Shammer Goolabjith, 41, is a lawyer from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He attended the University of KwaZulu-Natal and graduated with a Bachelor of Law (LL.B). Goolabjith started his professional career as an attorney after earning his degree. He has already handled several situations after working in this profession for 18 years.

Goolabjith gained news as the attorney for the infamous three of Adam, Rita, and Ryson Frank. They were accused of having stolen items, a prohibited drug, and fake identification papers. Authorities also discovered a plethora of SASSA cards, bank cards, and other identification at their residence.

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