Shizzy Taff- Age, Height, Dad, Weight, Net Worth, Girlfriend

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shizzy taff

Shizzy Taff is an American ex-army and bodybuilder, Shizzy Taff has one of the most impressive physiques with huge arms size, he is carrying a lot of mass and size, without any bloating while maintaining a small waist and a very impressive V taper. Shizzy Taff is also a rising fitness influencer with 1.2 million tiktok followers, he also has 325k Instagram followers.

Shizzy Taff Age, Biography, Parents

Shizzy Taff is currently 26 years old but his exact date of birth is unknown at the moment. Talking about his parents, in one of the videos he talks about his dad but his name is unknown, according to him his dad left his mother when he was in second grade with six kids, so Shizzy Taff grew up with a single mother and five siblings, Furthermore, Shizzy was a drug addict when he was teen so he went to rehab and graduated from rehab at the age of 21.

shizzy taff dadshizzy taff dad

Shizzy Taff Height and Weight

Shizzy Taff is a big boy with huge arms. Shizzy is 6ft 4 inches tall and weighs around 260 lbs. Other information about his body measurement like arms size and chest size will be updated soon.

Shizzy Taff’s Net Worth

Shizzy Taff is an ex-army, fitness influence, and social media personality with a huge following, Shizzy has made a decent amount of earnings and has impressive fame. As of 2023 Shizzy Taff’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $500k

Shizzy Taff Girlfriend

Shizzy Taff is probably single at the moment. We are unsure about his current relationship status because Shizzy Taff keeps his personal life private away from the media. Due to his private nature of relationships, information about his previous girlfriend and relationships is also unknown.


How old is Shizzy Taff?

He is 26 years old as of 2023

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