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Tara Renee Schemansky

Tara Renee Schemansky is an American lawyer and celebrity best known as the wife of Corey Reynolds, an American stage and screen actor. Corey has appeared in films such as The Terminal, Straight Out of Compton, and Red Tails. He also played the role of Seaweed in the Hair Spray stage production.

When a person marries a celebrity, almost nothing about them is considered sacred, as is often the case. Celebrity spouses are frequently subjected to media and public scrutiny. Tara Renee Schemansky is one of these celebrity spouses. Let us take a look at the life of this American lawyer.

Tara Renee SchemanskyTara Renee Schemansky

Tara Renee Schemansky Biography

Tara Renee Schemansky did not become a celebrity spouse overnight, and she certainly has a background. And, while little is known about Corey Reynolds’ wife, we do know she was born on June 1, 1973. It is unknown where Tara was born or who her birth parents are, but media photos of her show that she is white and Caucasian.

Regarding her nationality, the fact that the location of her birth is still unknown makes determining whether she has dual citizenship status difficult. However, her marriage to the celebrity actor Reynolds, who is an American citizen, automatically grants her the status, rights, and privileges of an American citizen.

We don’t know if Schemansky was raised as an only child or if she has siblings because we don’t know anything about her birth family. Tara, who keeps her private life private, hasn’t revealed any records of her formal education history, so there’s no information about her preschool, middle school, or high school years. The celebrity spouse’s profession, on the other hand, demonstrates that she is, in fact, college-trained and adequately educated to handle such a demanding and complex profession.

Tara Renee Schemansky Married Life

Since 2008, Tara has been happily married to Hollywood actor Corey Reynolds. Details about how they met or other aspects of their relationship before marrying have been kept private from the public. We do know that the couple dated for a while before getting married a few years later and that the ceremony was attended by only a few friends and family.

So far, the nearly 15-year marriage has produced only one child, a son named Revin Blue. Revin Blue was born in 2013, and the exact date of the child’s birth is unknown, in keeping with the Corey Reynolds family’s penchant for secrecy.

Revin Blue, Tara Renee Shemansky’s son, is nine years old in 2022. It is not unreasonable to believe that the youngster is currently receiving adequate and sufficient education to help him navigate life. He is most likely a middle school student based on his age.

Tara Renee Schemansky Career

Tara’s educational credentials, as previously stated, have provided her with the foundation to pursue a legal career. The details of the 49-year-old lawyer’s career are currently unavailable to the public, but she is quite successful and content with her chosen profession.

Tara Renee Schemansky Husband

Despite her highly regarded legal career, Tara Schemansky is best known as the wife of actor Corey Reynolds. On July 3, 1974, in Richmond, Virginia, the actor was born. He had the privilege of finishing high school at Monacan High School. He then decided to leave home to pursue a career as an actor.

His quest for happiness led him to California, where he began performing in theaters in 2003, with productions such as Joe’s Cafe. He also played Seaweed in Hair Spray, for which he received a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award. He’d had auditions in New York and elsewhere by this point.

Tara Renee Schemansky Net Worth

Tara Renee Schemansky’s net worth may be insignificant in comparison to that of her famous husband, Corey Reynolds. The actor is estimated to be worth $3 million, the majority of which comes from his film and theater roles over a 19-year career.

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