Victoria Long Wiki: How Old Is She? Net Worth And Family Details

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Victoria Long

Victoria Long’s Wikipedia page may be made public once she wins the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic by defeating all of her opponents. Victoria Long is a professional strongwoman who has competed in many series. The strongwoman recently drew headlines as she and Tamara Walcott set the record for the Elephant bar lift in the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic. Victoria Long, often known as “Strongman Victoria Long,” is a powerlifter who represents the United States in the strongman sport.

Long is known for her exceptional strength and agility, which she has displayed in a number of strongman events. The Arnold Strongwoman Classic was held in Columbus, Ohio on March 3rd and 4th, 2023. Those who attended the event saw the incredible power of athletes from all around the globe. Tamara and Long smashed the Elephant Bar Deadlift World Record on the second day when they both made a tremendous comeback, motivated by retribution, and lifted a 656-pound bar.

Victoria Long Wiki

Victoria Long’s Wikipedia page does not seem to exist as of yet. Officials at Wikipedia, on the other hand, may shortly add Long’s page. It would be much simpler for fans of the powerlifter if they could find information about her early life and achievements on her Victoria Long Wikipedia page.

Victoria Long looks to be American and has always had an interest in fitness and strength-training workouts, according to her social media accounts and other information. During her active years (2019-2023), the powerlifter participated in a total of six national and international tournaments.

Victoria Long

Despite the lack of a Wikipedia article for Victoria Long, numerous websites have published her accolades and career information on their website. Victoria got first place in dungeon strength. She has participated in two national tournaments, winning two of them, as well as four international contests. Long is an accomplished powerlifter who has set several career personal bests. She has had several notable wins in her powerlifting and strongwoman careers.

At the 2022 America’s Strongest Woman contests, she achieved personal records for the maximum deadlift (295 kg, 650 lbs) at the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic, the maximum hummer tire deadlift (347 kg, 765 lbs), and the maximum log lift (136 kg, 300 lbs). In addition to her deadlifting feat, she won the women’s heavyweight class in the 2021 United States Strongman National Championship.

Victoria’s Family And Age

Victoria Long’s true age has remained unknown since neither she nor the media have disclosed it. According to certain reports, Victoria is 30 years old; nevertheless, the athlete has yet to respond to the accusation. In terms of her family, she knows very little about her husband and none of the other relatives. Victoria has been blissfully married to strongman Dennis 2019 since 2019, according to her Instagram profile. They were probably pals because they both enjoyed strength training.

Dennis has participated in a number of activities. His third-place result in the WSM in 2021 and competition with Arnold Strongman in 2022 are both significant achievements. Long’s spouse has competed in a number of events. Among his notable achievements, Dennis participated in the 2022 Arnold Strongman and the 2021 SC America’s Strongest, finishing third out of 50+ strongmen.

Victoria Long

Victoria Long Salary

Victoria Long has had a private life. As a result, her financial worth is likewise kept private. Similarly, there is no information on Long’s income or contract specifics, making it impossible to estimate her net worth. According to pay, the average pay for powerlifting in the United States is $2,115,476. Long’s salary may so fall within the aforementioned range.

The powerlifter believes that more women should participate in strength-based activities including women’s strength sports. In addition to being an athlete and personal trainer, Victoria works with clients to assist them accomplish their health and fitness goals. Long is a well-known name in the strength and fitness industry, and her devotion to and passion for her sport never fails to inspire and motivate others.

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