Who Are Daniel Hillier Parents? Golfer Ethnicity And Relationship Explore

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Daniel Hillier

Daniel Hillier’s parents are his staunchest advocates. Hillier is a professional golfer from New Zealand who has made waves in the game, but his personal life has always been low-key. Daniel is well known for his excellent abilities and accomplishments, particularly after joining the PGA Tour of Australasia in 2019 after becoming a professional.

Hillier’s triumph in the 2015 New Zealand Amateur Championship aided his ascent to popularity in the golfing world. His accomplishments also include three top-10 results in his debut season and a second-place performance in the New Zealand Open. Hillier, with his long drives and excellent iron shots, is a strong rival on the course. Despite his celebrity and identity, his history is still unknown to many of his supporters.

Daniel Hillier’s Parents & Ethnicity

Daniel Hiller’s parents have always been a wonderful support system for him throughout his life. On June 29, 1998, he was born in Porirua, New Zealand, to Nigel Hillier and Karen S Hillier. Daniel’s progress as a golfer has been aided by Nigel, who has provided him with the instruction and assistance he needs to enhance his game. In addition, the golfer has started playing golf with his kid. In terms of ethnicity, the Hilliers are of European heritage from New Zealand.

Daniel has repeatedly discussed his father’s position as a supportive parent and mentor, which was critical to his success. For example, at the Porirua Sports Awards, Daniel was named supreme wider to collect the Michael Campbell Trophy on behalf of his son Nigel Hillier, who was in present at the Te Rauparaha Arena. Daniel was preparing for a competition in Australia at the time and was able to attend the event.

Daniel Hillier

He also expressed Daniel’s heartfelt appreciation for his hometown’s persistent support. Despite his son’s plans to become a pro and tour the globe in a year or two, Nigel insisted that Porirua will always remain his home. However, her mother’s part of his life is unexplored. She seems to be a private individual with a private social media profile. Her whereabouts remain unknown, despite the fact that she is usually seen with Nigel and Daniel.

Daniel Hillier’s Girlfriend Siobhan Weaver

Siobhan Weaver is Daniel Hillier’s girlfriend. They started dating in 2019 and have been together ever since then. Siobhan has been a consistent source of emotional and professional support for Daniel. Furthermore, in 2021, she began aiding him as his caddy, and they became a successful partnership. Siobhan is a golf enthusiast who also works as a teacher.

She devotes her time during school breaks to joining Daniel and encouraging him in his golfing career. Despite the fact that she is not a golfer, Siobhan has learned a lot about the game and has become an important part of Daniel’s journey. She even stayed with Daniel for four months during one of his tournaments during the COVID-19 lockdown, when they cherished their time together and toured Europe. Daniel routinely posts photos of himself and Siobhan on Instagram, displaying their love and experiences.

Daniel Hillier

They did a variety of things together, including visiting Kinloch and Lake Taupo before he competed in the Saudi International Golf Tournament. Daniel also won the Individual Sportsman award at the Porirua Sports Awards, which include moto trials, lawn bowling, athletics, and Special Olympics.

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