Who Is Annalena Benini? Meet Her Husband Marito Mattia Feltri

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Annalena Benini

Many people look for Annalena Benini Wikipedia since she is an amazing journalist and writer who chooses to keep her personal life private. Annalena Benini is an Italian journalist and author who has contributed to magazines such as “II Foglio” and “Review.” Her work has included tales, social concerns, people, and culture, among other things. She’s been with II Foglio since 2001.

Annalena has also published works such as “The Truth That Slows Down” and “The Tales of Women.” On April 3rd, 2023, it was announced that Annalena Benini will be the director of the Turin International Book Fair for the three years 2024-2026. Surprisingly, this was disclosed by Alberto Cirio, president of the Piedmont Region, mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo, and Silvio Viale, head of the Turin, City of Books Association. The journalist is also well-known and respected in her community, and she has a dedicated readership that appreciates her engaging and instructive manner.

Annalena Benini Wiki

Annalena Benini is a writer and journalist who has spent many years in the radio profession. Benini has also been appointed as the new director of the Turin International Book Fair. The Turin International Book Fair, Italy’s biggest book trade expo, takes place every year in mid-May in Turin, Italy. It was founded in 1988 as Book Showroom and has grown to become one of Europe’s largest book fairs, with over 1,400 exhibitors and 341,000 people in 2015.

Annalena Benini

As a consequence, given her work and expertise, many of her loyal followers are inquisitive about her Wikipedia location. The author, however, does not yet have a Wikipedia page. Nonetheless, her information may be found on a variety of websites. Annalena’s name is also stated on her husband’s Wikipedia page, Marito Mattia Feltri.

Meet Marito (Husband) Mattia Feltri, an Italian journalist.

Marito Mattia Feltri, Annalena’s husband, is a happy couple. He is a journalist from Italy who has been the director of HuffPost Italia since April 23, 2020. Marito is also the son of notable Italian journalist, politician, writer, and columnist Vittorio Feltri. Vittorio is well-known for his divisive and often conservative opinions on politics and social issues.

Marito began his career in journalism at an early age, following in the footsteps of his father. Mattia started working with the editorial team of the Giornale di Bergamo at the age of nineteen, on the advice of his father, who was the director. In 1992, he was employed. Later, Feltri joined the editorial staff of il Foglio, managed by Giuliano Ferrara. In addition, Annalena Benini’s husband wrote The Prisoner, a book for Rizzoli in 2002 on Adriano Sofri’s life. In 2004, he moved to Libero, a journal founded by his father in 2000. Since April 23, 2020, he has served as the director of HuffPost Italy. In terms of affection, the couple has been together for many years and is a substantial support system for each other.

Annalena Benini

They were coworkers at the time of their marriage, and since they came from the same professional background, their vibes and energy clicked right away. They are also dedicated and adoring parents to a boy and a girl. Overall, the family of four lives a happy and joyful existence. Aside from that, nothing is known about the couple’s family, since both Annalena and Mattia have kept their families discreet and low-key.

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