Who Is Jackson Mahomes? Is Jackson Mahomes A Gay

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Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes is not gay and does not currently have a girlfriend or wife. He confirmed that he is not gay in a YouTube video he made to clear the air. “I’m not gay.” “I like girls,” he admitted.

Patrick Mahomes, the younger brother of Super Bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is focusing on growing his Tik Tok presence to become a major social media influencer. His viral sideline dances on game days have won him millions of fans, but his meteoric rise has not been without controversy.

Jackson Mahomes has been chastised by fans for his disrespectful demeanor. He has also been plagued by rumors about his sexuality and gender, as well as hateful messages from online trolls. All of this has gotten to him, prompting him to publicly declare in March 2022 that he was broken and saddened by the media’s destruction of his life.

Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes Is Gay Or Not?

Jackson Mahomes is not gay and does not currently have a girlfriend or wife. In his first YouTube video, which he posted in 2021, the Tik Tok star stated as much. Jackson Mahomes stated in that video that he is not gay but is attracted to women. He also mentioned that one of the reasons people think he’s gay is because of his voice. Mahomes stated that such judgmental assumptions were disrespectful to him. He also stated that the experience had made him very self-conscious about his voice.

Despite these clarifications, many people continue to believe Jackson Mahomes is gay, and they frequently use this as an excuse to harass him on social media. When he posts something on Instagram or Twitter, many people respond with the word “gay.” Others would also hurl derogatory remarks at him. It’s a pitiful situation, but Jackson Mahomes has had to deal with it for a long time.

When his famous elder brother won the Super Bowl in 2020, several people vented their rage by hurling homophobic slurs at him. He was forced to respond and revealed that, in addition to the public comments, he received thousands of private insulting messages. He stated that he was thinking about writing to his detractors’ employees to share the message he received. He also advised people not to apologize after they had done something wrong.

Mahomes, Jackson Subjected To Homophobic Abuse

It’s been two years, and Jackson Mahomes is still subjected to homophobic abuse on occasion. For example, during a Kansas City Chiefs game in March 2022, he was on the sidelines as usual, recording Tik Tok videos, when an unidentified fan hurled homophobic abuse at him. The abuse was a combination of his surname and a derogatory variation of the word “homosexual,” and it left him stunned and unable to respond.

Is Jackson Mahomes transgender person?

Jackson Mahomes is not a transgender person. Any transgender rumors about him could stem from the fact that he has some feminine features. For example, the way he smiles and poses in photographs has a feminine aura, leading people to believe that he is not a biological male but has transitioned from female to male.

Another reason people may believe Jackson Mahomes is transgender is because of his Tik Tok dances, which appear girly in nature. His voice also has a more feminine tone to it. Mahomes has previously expressed concerns about his voice, which is one of the reasons why some people believe he is transgender.

This, however, is not correct. Jackson Mahomes is a biological male who did not undergo a gender transition. If he were transgender, he would come out and admit it, especially now that there are more visible role models for the trans community.

 Is Jackson Mahomes Married?

Jackson Mahomes is not married, but his older brother, Patrick Mahomes, married his high school sweetheart, Brittany Matthews, on March 12, 2022. Jackson Mahomes was one of the best men for his brother at the ceremony, which took place in Hawaii. It was a lovely and special moment that may have influenced Jackson to consider getting married himself. For the time being, he is not married and is still looking for Mrs. Right.

Jackson Mahomes Girlfriend

Jackson Mahomes’ girlfriend’s identity is unknown. It’s possible that he’s not in a relationship right now. It’s also possible that he has a girlfriend but prefers to shield her from the spotlight, which can be both intrusive and negative at times. Whatever the truth is, we don’t know who Jackson Mahomes’ girlfriend is, and all we have are media rumors.

Jackson Mahomes Relationshp with Dayna Marie

Jackson Mahomes was romantically linked to Dayna Marie, another Tik Tok star, in March 2022. The rumors began after TMZ posted a video of the two kissing. The kiss, however, did not last long before the clip ended. As a result, Dayna Marie could be Jackson Mahomes’ girlfriend. This has not been confirmed, and it could simply be a ruse used by Mahomes to convince people that he is not gay.

Jackson Mahomes With Amaya Ward

Amaya Ward, Jackson Mahomes’ self-proclaimed best friend, is another woman who could be his girlfriend. Amaya Ward is an Oakland University student journalist who regularly anchors news on the university’s TV channel. According to their social media activity, she and Jackson Mahomes are very good friends. They frequently retweet each other’s posts, and Mahomes once tweeted that he missed her and was looking forward to her return. Such closeness may raise the possibility that the two are dating, but there is no confirmation.

Is Jackson Mahomes still dating Brittany Matthews?

Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have never been together and have never dated. Brittany is Jackson’s sister-in-law because she is married to his well-known older brother, Patrick. However, the two are great friends. They frequently attend Patrick’s games together, and Brittany frequently joins Jackson on the sidelines as he records Tik Tok videos.

Brittany also appears frequently in Jackson’s Tik Tok videos, and he photographs and films her on the sidelines during most games. They are very close and have inevitably been involved in some controversies. For example, it was claimed in September 2021 that Jackson poured water on some fans at a game. Brittany was also accused of pouring champagne on fans at a game in January 2022.

Such negative publicity resulted in a February 2022 news report claiming that Patrick Mahomes asked his brother and partner to stop attending his games because they were tarnishing his brand. This, however, was quickly debunked by Super Bowl, who tweeted that people were just making stuff up these days.

That tweet clears the air and ensures that Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews will remain regulars at Patrick Mahomes’ games. This will strengthen the already strong bond between the brother-in-law and sister-in-law. For example, when a fan hurled homophobic slurs at Jackson Mahomes in January 2022, Brittany defended him and chastised the man for his behavior.


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