Who Is Lembit Opik Wife? Politician Kids, Family And Net Worth

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Lembit Opik

Some politicians may be acquainted with Lembit Opik. They want to know about Lembit Opik’s wife and children. So, let’s discover more about Opik’s children and family. Lembit Opik rose to prominence in Welsh politics, particularly in parliament, after beginning his political career as a Liberal Democrat candidate.

Similarly, many people were intrigued by Opik’s wife, family, and children. Sabina Vankova, who is she? Let’s find out. Here’s an interesting tidbit about the former politician and activist — Lembit, who almost died in a paragliding accident in 1998, resulting in many injuries. He did, however, pursue his aviation passion and now has a pilot’s license.

Who Is Lembit Opik’s Wife, Sabina Vankova?

Former politician Lembit Opik has yet to marry. In July 2015, he met Sabina Vankova at a political party gathering. Sabina, Opik’s partner, is a Bulgarian real estate lawyer. In addition, her birthplace is in Bulgaria. Six weeks after they met, the on-again, off-again couple married. Opik and Vankova moved in shortly after their first date. However, relations between the two deteriorated, and Vankova humiliated her lover in public. On November 8, 2017, she announced her separation from Opik through Twitter.

Lembit Opik

Opik allegedly cheated on Vankova, which is why she abandoned him. Lembit spent the night at the home of reality personality Alex Best. Pregnant Sabina, 33, departed Opik for her home in Bulgaria. Furthermore, the former politician was saddened when his pregnant girlfriend abandoned him and returned to Bulgaria. The guy was despondent, and he contacted Sabina with a heavy heart. Fortunately, the two seemed to be on good terms, and Vankova forgave him. It seems that the two are now content with one another. Sabina’s kid is presently in elementary school.

Lembit Opik’s Family and Children

Lembit Opik, a British politician, was born on March 2, 1965, in Northern Ireland. As previously stated, Opik is in an on-again, off-again relationship with his companion Sabina Vankova. The former politician and his girlfriend have two children. Opik has a lovely family of four, including his spouse and two children. Vankova and Opik had their first child, Angelina, in 2017.

Despite their disagreements, it seems that the couple wants the best for their children. Sabina shared a nice family photo on her social media profile in 2019, indicating they were still together. The wonderful family has gathered for their kid.

Lembit Opik’s Net Worth

As of this writing, Lembit Opik’s net worth is $1 million. The majority of the former MP’s money came from his political career. Opik served as a member of the Welsh parliament from 1997 until 2010. Strictly speaking, the former MP might have made about $82 thousand per year. Furthermore, he received at least $36 Thousand in severance pay as a member of parliament. The former politician has also appeared in various television series. Similarly, Lembit was elected as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the 1997 general election. Following that, he served as the Party’s spokeswoman on Wales education, business, housing, and other issues. e is also a frequent guest on several BBC programs. Lembit has also collaborated in the publication of a few books.

Lembit Opik

Furthermore, Lembit is interested in owning real estate. The former Wales MP paid $250,000 for two Welsh houses. Similarly, he has a magnificent property in South London that he paid at least $650 thousand for. Furthermore, Opik is the primary stakeholder in several of his commercial endeavors. Overall, given his hard effort, Opik’s fortunes may improve in the following days.

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