Ylan Mui Net Worth: Why Is She Leaving CNBC? New Job And Career Highlights

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Ylan Mui

Many viewers have expressed their worry by querying the manager of this frequent face on CNBC. Many people are curious about her whereabouts after she resigned after many years of service. Similarly, Mui is a competent and seasoned reporter whose fluent and bold delivery on a variety of issues is often seen on-screen, making her a well-known television personality.

As CNBC’s Senior Congressional Correspondent, she was engaged in Capitol Hill and economic policy reporting from the network’s Washington, D.C. bureau. Her departure, on the other hand, has surprised many.

Why Is She Leaving CNBC?

Ylan Mui is departing CNBC after many years of service in the television industry, making a huge effect and garnering worldwide acclaim. She often addressed the presidential administration’s economic and regulatory policies. Similarly, she has been the on-screen prompt reporter since 2017, and many viewers have become hooked on her reporting and analysis. However, when her firing was announced on the platform, many people were disappointed.

Ylan Mui

Mui announced her retirement on Twitter, stating that her final day on CNBC will be January 20, 2023. She acknowledges the CNBC platform for the chance after working in the industry for around five years. She also expresses her gratitude for having fantastic coworkers to teach her the ropes of television, as well as for their support and friendship throughout the last six years. Even CNBC’s official website recognized her resignation from her post after many years of hard work.

Where Did Ylan Mui Go After She Left CNBC?

Following her departure from her CNBC post, Ylan Mui has been a prominent figure as a television personality; many wonder where she will work. Similarly, Mui has said that he is eager for a new experience. She seems to have discovered some nice chances as a result of her profession and may have changed careers for further advancement.

Despite mentioning that she is ready for the next stage, she has yet to identify her job or the Company. When she first enters the location, she may share the information openly, which will also be recognized. She has expressed positive things about her prior company, highlighted learning positive things there, and is set to depart on a positive note.

Ylan Mui

Ylan Mui’s Earnings And Net Worth

According to several online reports, Ylan Mui has a phenomenal net worth of between $1 and $7 million from her job as of 2023. She is a well-known journalist with extensive expertise in her area, as well as a degree in communications and a double minor in biology and philosophy.

Mui’s expertise was recognized professionally when she worked for The Washington Post for almost a decade and CNBC for over five years. She is presently positioned at the senior level due to her expertise. Despite the fact that she has not disclosed her pay, her steady advancement to the post has earned her a substantial sum. She began her work as a receptionist and obituary writer for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.

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