Amanda Tears Wiki: Is She Dating Anyone? Boyfriend, Age And Parents Detail

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Amanda Tears

Amanda Tears is one of the Drag Race Belgium participants. People are curious about Amanda Tear’s boyfriend since the show’s announcement. Here’s additional information about her on Wikipedia and her family. Amanda Tears is a Belgian drag artist who will be in the upcoming show Drag Race Belgique. Amanda will be one of the candidates in the next Drag Race program, which aired on February 16, 2023. The series will broadcast on Tipik in Belgium and on WOW Presents Plus throughout the globe.

Amanda Cries Boyfriend

Amanda Tears does not seem to have a partner, since no information about him can be found on the internet. The Belgian drag queen has kept her personal life out of the public, most likely to avoid scandal. However, if she has one, we may learn more about him in future episodes of the newest Drag Race Belgique season. The 22-year-old is a budding Belgian drag act. She’s been wearing drag makeup for many years. Amanda Tears might be single right now, which explains why such an outgoing drag performer does not post any of her partner’s images on social media.

Amanda Tears

Amanda Tears’ Age And Parents

Amanda Tears does not have a Wikipedia page devoted to her biography. Nonetheless, here is additional information about the drag performer. Amanda Tears is a 22-year-old Belgian drag performer from Mouscron, Wallonia. Previously, she went by the drag name Milla Glace, but before entering Drag Race, she changed it to Amanda Tears. She has been transgender for some years and has participated in various events in her own country.

Amanda is also a qualified stylist who designs her own outfits. Amanda Tears, 22, is the youngest contender in the inaugural season of Drag Race Belgique. On the internet, there isn’t much information on Amanda. As a result, her parents’ information is likewise unavailable. Nonetheless, Amanda’s parents must be quite pleased of their daughter for landing a part in the worldwide series.

More Information about Drag Race Belgium

Drag Race Belgique (also known as Drag Race Belgium) is an upcoming reality television show based on the famous American show RuPaul’s Drag Race. The French-language series is set in Belgium, is distributed by Tipik, and will be shown globally on WOW Presents Plus. Rita Baga, the season one runner-up on Canada’s Drag Race, will host the series and act as the top judge. The judges’ panel will include Belgian blogger Lufy and singer Mustii, it was confirmed during RuPaul’s DragCon UK.

Amanda Tears

Drag Race Belgium is the most recent addition to the Drag Race series, after Sweden, France, and the Philippines. Other reality show candidates vie alongside Amanda to be declared the supreme drag queen of Belgium. Athena Sorgelikis, 27; Brittany Von Bottoks, 35; Drag Couenne, 24; Edna Sorgelsen, 34; Mademoiselle Boop, 37; Mocca Bone, 35; Peach, 23; Susan, 26; and Valenciaga, 26 are the other candidates.

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